Finding What Makes Your Heart Beat Faster /// VinjabondThe heart may be the engine that keeps us alive but it’s also a device that makes us FEEL alive, like when it suddenly beats faster.


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This generation… they have a different attitude. Instead of sitting and watching something, they want to be a part of it – they’re very hedonistic and sensual.


Metaphorically it’s the most important part of a person as it’s where our soul and personality comes from.

Literally it can make us feel alive, by actual touch.

These catalysts that make our hearts suddenly speed up can be our bodies telling us something is wrong or trying to level us out from physical activity.

But sometimes our hearts beat so fast and hard that we can feel it through our chests because we see, feel or experience something so beautiful or profound.

Awestruck = Boom… Boom… Boom!

It’s these things that we should actively seek in life to literally feel our life force in the rhythm of life we call the heart beat – that’s living, literally and figuratively.

The beauty of finding what makes our hearts beat faster is that it’s different for all us of and it can be almost anything; travel, food, people, adventure or just a mere thought of imagination or a spark of emotion.

- On The Edge of The Hahoe Village Cliff in Korea -

– On The Edge of The Hahoe Village Cliff in Korea –

Your heart keeps you alive which is no surprise that it’s like a radar for what makes you feel alive. When that “thing” is near, the beat speeds up exactly like sonar.

So next time your heart senses whatever satisfies your, ahem, heart, embrace it and let it beat.

Finding What Makes Your Heart Beat Faster.

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