Selfie at Kuta Beach on Lombok Island - VINJABONDI am John V Cain, a vagabond. Founder of VINJABOND. This is my introduction…

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It’s been about a year since I started VINJABOND and thanks to you fine readers it’s become a success but more importantly, it’s been a fun ride so far.

This is a site about vagabonding.

It’s part travel blog, part adventure blog, part lifestyle blog, part EDC blog and part survival blog. I like to think of it as unique in the vast blogosphere and useful.

So who is this John V Cain?

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The Vagabond. Professional traveler, adventurer and former covert operator.


The following are some details about myself that will give you an idea of who I am as well as answers to questions I get frequently from you good people:

I was born in the Bronx and raised all around New York City… Most of my adult life was spent in Manhattan until I started traveling the world full time 3 years ago.

Contrary to popular belief, I am not Special Forces nor was I ever in the US Military… The term “covert operator” is accurate yet intentionally vague. I now consult law enforcement agencies and certain types of individuals around the world as my “day job”.

I love my country but it is not my favorite… The United States is like a sibling as in I’ll do anything for them but I like hanging out with my friends way more.

The cinema is one my most enjoyable pastimes… Stand By Me, Appleseed, The Beach, Cinderella Man, The Dark Knight, Sandlot, The Man From Nowhere and most recently Snowpiercer are among my favorite.

Even though my background is closer to Bear Grylls than Les Stroud, I vote for the latter… I have advanced wilderness (forested) survival training but my speciality is urban, therefore Les is the man I’d trust.

My backpack of choice is the FAST Pack Litespeed… Made by Triple Aught Design, it has been one my most valuable and reliable gear assets for my vagabonding lifestyle. Read the review here.

All my photography is taken with an iPhone… But I use a Hitcase Pro case that enhances them to ultra-wide and adds MIL-SPEC protection and waterproofing. Check out my Instagram profile.

My favorite thing about travel is the people… Both the locals and other travelers I meet along the way. I’ve realized it’s the human element that gives me the greatest joy and memories of travel, not the sites or even the physical journey.

What I miss most about home is the imperial system… As an American, I’m suppose to oppose the metric system despite it being more logical and universal. But I miss using “miles”, “inches” and “pounds”, especially since I run into very few other Americans.

The worst part of perpetually traveling the world is the limited legal stay time of each country… In most if not all countries there is only a short amount of time you can visit; 15, 30, 60 days… Sometimes I want to stay longer but even visa extensions are limited.

I intentionally omit certain details when writing about the “trade”… In the articles tagged under “tradecraft” and “tactical“, I can’t / won’t share everything I know to the open web due to safety and security concerns.

I’ve been vagabonding for about 3 years spanning 40 countries… With 196 countries in the world, I have plenty more to experience. But I have plenty of time as I prefer slow lifestyle travel.

That’s it for now. If you’d like to know more, text or find me on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

[The featured photo was taken on Lombok Island with a Hitcase.]