The FAST Pack Litespeed is a backpack so well designed that it couldn’t merely be improved in future generations. It could only evolve…

[My review of the new FAST Pack EDC is now live.]

- Triple Aught Design FAST Pack Litespeed -

*FAST Pack Litespeed Reengineered



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We are pleased to release the first major evolution of our Litespeed platform since its inception. While we have kept the overall appearance similar to the prior version, it has been reengineered from the ground up based on your feedback and testing.


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     10″ W x 20″ H x 6.75″ D

     Capacity: 22 Liters

     Weight: 60.8oz (1.72kg)


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     Made in The United States

     Primary Fabric: Cordura

     Reinforcements: Hypalon


- Triple Aught Design FAST Pack Litespeed -

- FAST Pack Litespeed Custom Configurations -

Triple Aught Design’s FAST Pack Litespeed //

I originally reviewed the first / previous version of the FAST Pack Litespeed after about 2 years of everyday use through dozens of countries while vagabonding.

As someone who lives out of their backpack as a lifestyle, I have an unusual affinity and respect for them. So I have to believe I’m more than qualified to review Triple Aught Design’s latest reengineered backpack.

The new FAST Pack Litespeed is a worthy successor to an already legendary backpack that’s more of a leap in product evolution than just a few incremental improvements with cosmetic enhancements.

Reengineered after years of listening to customers like myself to make the best even better.

- Triple Aught Design FAST Pack Litespeed -

TAD FAST Pack Litespeed //

VERSATILITY           “A jack of all trades is a master of none.” This is usually true when a product tries to do too much or suit to everyone’s needs but the FAST Pack is an exception. Although this was developed with tactical applications in mind, it’s designed in such a way that it will excel in all functions of a backpack; mission, school, work, EDC, travel, adventure, survival, overnight, battle, camping and even as airplane carry-on.

EXPANDABILITY           With just a 22 liter capacity, it’s a backpack meant for agility and speed, hence the name Litespeed. But it’s not just for minimalists or lightweight carry, it’s loading capability can almost double when needed. The front panel flap that can extend to carry fairly large objects has been upgraded from the predecessor; wider aspect and better lower strap attachments. New to this pack is a cleverly integrated paracord attachment system on top that can be used to hold hats, towels and jackets. Also new are “anchor points” on the outside and inside that be used to adapt the front panel flap in different ways.

DURABILITY           Built literally to take on war and the battlefield, the FAST Pack Litespeed is MIL-SPEC construction and parts. The primary material is by Cordura, makers of the toughest fabrics on earth with Hypalon reinforcements where needed. YKK zippers all around with multiple pack enhancing hardware new to this version. If it’s tough enough for soldiers in combat, then it’s more than adequate for everyone else.

MODULARITY           The wonderfully aggressive use of PALS webbing (Pouch Attachment Ladder System) all around the pack makes it a dream for endless configurations with MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-Carrying Equipment) equipped pouches and accessories. Even the shoulder straps are strapped with them. While PALS is common with tactical rucksacks, the FAST Pack Litespeed takes it a step further with partially layered secondary webbing underneath that’s twice as wide for twice the compatibility. It morphs to what you need it to be.

WEARABILITY           The reengineered FAST Pack Litespeed has been trimmed and tightened for a better, more comfortable and nimble fit. As with the previous version, the back is generously padded but now with an improved foam and moisture-wicking spacer mesh. An HDPE framesheet has now been integrated along with completely revamped shoulder straps and structural enhancements for superior suspension geometry. Now it’s more like you’re wearing a backpack, not carrying it.

MANEUVERABILITY           The original FAST Pack Litespeed was structured with mobility in mind and now it’s as if it went through rigorous physical training to become the more athletic, lean, agile and responsive version it is now. These enhancements of course passes on to the wielder of the pack. It’s more comfortable and in a way I can only describe as “tight”. Whether walking on an urban street, trekking through a jungle or melee-ing walkers in Atlanta, the FAST Pack moves with the body as if it’s an extension of it.

- FAST Pack Litespeed as a Survival Kit -

FAST Pack Litespeed as a Survival Kit //

It’s called “Litespeed” for a reason as it enables the user speed and agility regardless of the load. But don’t let the name fool you, it can haul a lot more than perceivable.

Triple Aught Design also makes a much larger version that’s partially of the same name, FAST Pack EDC.

They’re both produced and available in very limited short runs that TAD is known for. A proven method to achieve a superior level of craftsmanship unattainable with the mass produced. Similar to how Prada and Fendi makes their bags that costs thousands of dollars.

TAD gear sells out notoriously fast so the only way to acquire them is to be notified whenever they restock.

- FAST Pack Litespeed Modifcation - -

FAST Pack Litespeed Modifcation //

- Front Top Compartment of The FAST Pack -

Front Top Compartment of The FAST Pack //

- FAST Pack Litespeed w/ Water Bladder -

FAST Pack Litespeed w/ Water Bladder //

- FAST Pack Main Compartment w/ Anchor System -

FAST Pack Main Compartment w/ Anchor System //

- Original and Reengineered Shoulder Straps Comparison -

Original and Reengineered Shoulder Straps Comparison //

- Original FAST Pack Comparison w/ Reengineered Model -

Original FAST Pack Comparison w/ Reengineered Model //

[quote text_size=”small” author=”John V Cain” author_title=”Previous Model Review”]

With my unrivaled knowledge and experience with backpacks, I state with confidence that the FAST Pack Litespeed is the pinnacle of personal carry gear.


Ever since I first purchased the original FAST Pack Litespeed a few years ago, I’ve been a dedicated customer wearing TAD’s apparel and using their equipment eagerly waiting for new releases.

One day I’d like to meet the team that had their literal hands involved in this backpack’s prototypes as I’m certain it’s how my hands would have made them.

The perfectest backpack for a vagabond.

Triple Aught Design FAST Pack Litespeed Backpack for Vagabonding /// Vinjabond

Stay tuned for an extended use review as well as the highly requested FAST Pack Litespeed modification / customization guide. Now live here >>>

- Triple Aught Design FAST Pack Litespeed -

TAD FAST Pack Litespeed /// $275


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- FAST Pack Litespeed Models w/ New FAST Pack EDC 2015 -

FAST Packs: Litespeed, Litespeed 2, EDC Backpack 2 //

*Some of the photos on this FAST Pack Litespeed review are shown with many aftermarket modifications and additions such as; Triple Aught Design’s iComm Pouch and Life Capsule Omega, Raven Concealment’s Pocket Shield, 20$Bandit’s Mini Kit MK-7 and much more. These customizations represent the versatile possibilities of the FAST Pack Litespeed Backpack that anyone can do.