New Years Eve in Prague - VINJABONDAfter over a year of continuous world travel…

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I have reached the last day of December and circled the globe twice. Living the vagabonding lifestyle has made me an expert in travel but as an evolutionary process, I have a New Years Resolution…

To be more cultural.

Experiencing culture is the most valuable and rewarding of the 3 parts of travel (culture, attractions, food) but is often the hardest to fully take in. With attractions, all you need is a way to get to the sites and with food, you simply have to eat where the locals do.

While culture in general will be all around you, actually engrossing yourself in it takes much effort and support from others.

Culture is the greatest of all knowledge.

I do a lot to experience culture but my resolution is to get even more out of it for my travels in 2014 and beyond. After arriving in a new country I give it a few days to get a feel for it. If I even moderately like it, I’ll usually stay there for as long the visa allows and slowly travel around the whole country or a region.

Sometimes I find a country memorable enough to return to for a second, third or even fourth time like Thailand, Indonesia, Korea and the Netherlands. In some circumstances I like a city so much that I’ll live there for a few months “visa hopping” to extend my stay like in Prague, Taipei, Bali and Seoul.

Traveling this way gives me optimal opportunities to experience culture. To live, eat, move and even love like the locals.

But I know I can do more to delve deeper into every culture I encounter as I continue to travel to truly become a world citizen.

This is my 2014 New Years Resolution.

[The photo was taken celebrating New Years Eve in Prague.]