Vagabonding Destinations Map // VINJABONDThis is your host John V Cain with an update for Pro Members of VINJABOND as of 3 / 2017.


The beta support ticketing system has ended with less than desirable results. As such I will not be continuing with it. Instead I have already implemented a simpler but more direct contact method, for Pro Members only of course.

If any of you have not received a response from me recently via that deprecated contact method, get at me using this contact form now or for future inquiries.

The Pro Member exclusive INTEL page is now live. Content is limited but it will steadily be updated.

If you’re not a Pro Member and for some reason you’re reading this, I admire your tenacity. So here’s a 5 percent coupon code if you do decide to join : “fiver“, you can input during registration.