Skills to be a Masterful Man /// VINJABONDThis is one hundred plus skills, skill sets and life methods to become a masterful man. A man enhanced, evolved and above the rest.


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There is a man of love and gratitude…
Devoted to having all life thrive…
His appreciation boundless…
For each moment he’s alive…

The masterful man.


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     100 )         Situational Awareness // There’s existing then there’s living, do the same with sensing. Hone your ability to perceive your immediate surroundings at all times using all your senses. Turn off cruise control and start driving.

     99 )         Psychology // At minimum, a basic but practical and fundamental understanding of the way our minds work and behave. This not only helps you know yourself better but the rest of the human race.

     98 )         Hunting // One of man’s oldest and most vital life skills. Although not as relevant to survival in modern times, the ability to hunt still has a place and usefulness in our lives. We are after all, on top of the food chain.

     97 )         Story Telling // At an uncrowded pub, riding an overnight train, lounging on the beach or in front of a campfire, a good story is a hell of a lot better than arguing about politics.

     96 )         Mixology // At least one or two drinks… Know how to perfectly mix them, with style.

HUNTING: Skills to be a Masterful Man /// VINJABOND

     95 )         Flirting // Even if you’re especially handsome or wealthy, this skill is an indispensable part of a man’s life. You can get by without excelling in flirting but to be a masterful man, you must.

     94 )         Wound Dressing // Even applying a small bandage on an insignificant cut takes skill, at least to do it proper… Elevate this skill set to near paramedic or combat medic levels and you’re one masterful man.

     93 )         Apologizing // A real man admits being wrong and apologizes. But to many, saying “I’m sorry” with conviction is not easy, it takes skill to mean it and make it sound like you mean it.

     92 )         Hand Shaking // Rather a fist pound or a business handshake, it isn’t as simple as just connecting one hand to another. It’s not hard to master but it is a skill.

     91 )         Gift Buying // The struggle is real. The better you know a person, the better the gift should be, but ironically the harder the gift to get… Skill this.

FLIRTING: Skills to be a Masterful Man /// VINJABOND

     90 )         Anger Management // Learn to keep your temper in check and anger at bay… Remember, a show of anger is a show of weakness, and the worst way to get what you want.

     89 )         Fire Starting // That is without a match, lighter or other device. A masterful man should know how to do this from scratch for when the need arises.

     88 )         Fishing // A once boy’s coming of age activity but still a manly mini-adventure to go on with your buddies. Not to mention a useful survival skill.

     87 )         Physics // Long before you become a man you’ll know how the physical world works, but a masterful man will understand why it works. A basic understanding of physics offers many benefits.

     86 )         Parkour // This is one of the most useful sports (if you can call it that) skills you can utilize in the real world. The practical uses for say an operator is boundless.

PARKOUR: Skills to be a Masterful Man /// VINJABOND

     85 )         Dancing // You don’t need to know the tango or the waltz to be a masterful man, but being somewhat skilled in moving your body in rhythm to music or with your partner does.

     84 )         CPR // All adults should know basic first-aid but very few are trained to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation, a most useful lifesaving technique for so many common emergencies.

     83 )         Photoshopping // You need not be a Photoshop Wizard but it’s a damn useful skill to be able to make basic image manipulations for whatever reason in the 21st century.

     82 )         Plumbing // Basics like unclogging a toilet, fixing minor leaks and running faucets is a manly skill that will come in handy for as long as you live.

     81 )         Lifting Your Own Weight // If you can’t lift your own weight, how can you claim to be able to “hold your own”?

CPR: Skills to be a Masterful Man /// VINJABOND

     80 )         Repair Sewing // This is not a feminine skill… Being able to fix your own clothing from rips, broken buttons and stitching is pretty damn masculine.

     79 )         Opening Beer Bottles Without an Opener // I’m amazed at how so many men can’t open beer bottles without an actual opener… When a lighter, an edge of a table, another bottle or the many other things that can open them… Also, it’s slightly bad ass.

     78 )         Defensive Driving // Not everyone can really drive but almost anyone can get a license to do so. This added skill set to the basic mechanics of driving is highly beneficial to the driver and the road.

     77 )         Budgeting // It takes no skill in spending money but it takes great practice and patience in saving money while spending it. Being frugal and financially intelligent is one of life’s most important life skills to practice.

     76 )         Meditation // This isn’t about religion but the internal effort to self-regulate the mind, soul and even body. Practice this often and you can master your own self.

MEDITATION: Skills to be a Masterful Man /// VINJABOND

     75 )         Filleting a Fish // Can you fish? Good… Now do you know what to do with that fish to prepare it for consumption?

     74 )         Knowing The Metric System // If you’re American born like myself, then the Imperial system is what you use for measuring all units, but it’s the metric system that the rest of the world uses… Know both.

     73 )         Picking Produce // To a novice, picking out the perfect fruits and vegetables can be confusing and intimidating. This is one of the many arts of grocery shopping.

     72 )         Jump Starting a Car // It’s actually quite simple, but you still need to know the specifics before attempting it. Learn it now and keep it in your skill toolbox to use for a rainy day.

     71 )         Poker // Perhaps the most manly of card games. Knowing the game, whether for a night in with your boys or out at the casino, this is a must-know skill.

POKER: Skills to be a Masterful Man /// VINJABOND

     70 )         Map Reading // Google Maps makes it easier than ever to do this but it still takes some effort and skill to read it to it’s full potential. Not to mention physical maps and the many other types of mapping.

     69 )         Short Order Cooking // Gourmet cooking is a wonderful talent to have. But in the grand scheme of things and if not aspiring to be a famous professional chef, this is a much more masterful skill to hone.

     68 )         Running a Mile // Can you run or at least quickly jog a full mile without resting or stopping? A masterful man should be able to.

     67 )         Giving a Massage // People pay good money for this because of its resounding instant results but you need not need training to master the art of the massage.

     66 )         Driving Manual // You may never own a stick vehicle but that doesn’t mean you’ll never be in a position where you’ll need to drive one. Also, it’s a skill that that will give you more control over cars and beyond.

USING A COMPASS: Skills to be a Masterful Man /// VINJABOND

     65 )         Holding a Baby // It’s not just the act of holding an infant in your arms and hands, but how you do it and how the baby reacts to you. It takes some skill to do it right.

     64 )         Parallel Parking // If you can’t do this, you shouldn’t even be driving.

     63 )         Necktie Tying // Some men may only wear a necktie a handful of times in their lifetime but it is a manly skill all of us need to know.

     62 )         Fancy Dining Etiquette // Maybe you’ll only eat this way once in your life but it’ll probably be a very important dinner… Be prepared, it’s tricky.

     61 )         Making a Bed // As children this seems pointless as it’ll just be unmade by the end of the night. But as men, it’s logical and necessary. Besides, your significant other will love you for it or your guests will be impressed by it.

NECKTIE TYING: Skills to be a Masterful Man /// VINJABOND

     60 )         Knife Sharpening // What’s more manly than a man sharpening a knife? A man who can do it well enough to shave their beard.

     59 )         Personal Grooming // You don’t have to be metrosexual level but all men should know how to look their best, at least for when the occasion arises.

     58 )         Lock Picking // Lose your keys? Instead of breaking in to your own place or calling an expensive locksmith, learn to do it yourself.

     57 )         Asking For Help // Some believe asking for help is a sign of weakness but not asking for help when you need it is certainly a sign of weakness. I’m guilty of this, are you?

     56 )         Taking Calculated Risks // Anyone can take risks and everyone should sometimes to advance in life. But it takes a masterful man to do it with finesse and control.

LOCK PICKING: Skills to be a Masterful Man /// VINJABOND

     55 )         Telling Jokes // Being funny comes natural to most and some are just not. But that doesn’t mean you can’t up your skill on telling a good joke or two. Master at least one.

     54 )         Reading People // A masterful man is a master of others. A big part of that is to be able to read what others are actually thinking and know of their convictions and shades of honesty.

     53 )         Not Giving a Shit // In most cases, a man should give a shit about some important… shit. But sometimes you need to know when not to give a shit, about unimportant shit that you shouldn’t have to give a shit about. Don’t let stupid shit bother you, that’s the idea.

     52 )         Handling Police // Strategic interactions with law enforcement is primarily useful and most commonly used for when getting pulled over when driving or random street incidents while traveling abroad.

     51 )         Wingmanning // One of the most important duties as a bro to another bro is being a good wingman. Without this sacred skill, you’re not much of a masterful man.

HANDLING POLICE: Skills to be a Masterful Man /// VINJABOND

     50 )         Haggling // Rather negotiating a big deal or just haggling for the best price, this is a very vital life skill for all of us.

     49 )         Playing a Musical Instrument // One of those skills, regardless of the instrument, to have in your arsenal for a rainy day or a random event.

     48 )         Pleasing a Woman // Perhaps one of the most important life skills a man can have. Love is not enough when it comes to, well love, making good “love” is a necessity.

     47 )         Proficient Googling // It’s not just type and search. There is a method for using Google like any good investigator.

     46 )         Speed Reading // It’s not a race but if you can read the same amount of content significantly faster without losing any coherence, you just upped your mental proficiency.

Pleasing a Woman: Skills to be a Masterful Man /// VINJABOND

     45 )         Throwing Punches // This isn’t about being macho or violent, just that it’s a useful skill to have in your arsenal, even if only for self-defense.

     44 )         Taking Punches // Just as important as being able to punch, is the ability to take one. Yes, getting hit is a skill, because it’s how you react and let it affect you when it does happen that matters.

     43 )         Changing a Flat Tire // Ask yourself, can you do this without Googling it first? If not, might as well do it now, instead of on some random road when you get a flat with no cell service.

     42 )         Public Speaking // You’ll probably never have to speak to a crowd of millions but you may be asked to speak at a funeral, wedding or business function. Also, it’s a great confidence booster knowing this skill.

     41 )         Dish Washing // If a man can’t do something that used to be considered a job only for women, you’re not really a man are you?

Throwing Punches: Skills to be a Masterful Man /// VINJABOND

     40 )         Speaking a Foreign Language // A masterful man is man who can communicate. It goes without saying you should be a master of your own language but a second or third or beyond makes you that much of a better communicator.

     39 )         Handling Firearms // You don’t have to like guns and you may never need to handle one but it’s a relatively common type of machine and knowing how things work is never a bad thing.

     38 )         Romancing // The art of romance is a highly revered manly skill that most of us don’t really like to talk to other men about, but it is potentially one of our greatest assets when it comes to the opposite sex.

     37 )         Buoyancy Control // This is the ability of making yourself float on water as well as maneuvering when you’re under it. Although it goes hand-in-hand, this is more important than being able to swim well.

     36 )         Advising // What’s one of the best things you can give a friend, family member or colleague? Good advice.

HANDLING FIREARMS: Skills to be a Masterful Man /// VINJABOND

     35 )         Consoling a Crying Woman // Whether it’s your girlfriend, mother, friend or even daughter, this is not an easy feat. But a masterful man takes up the challenge regardless of the seemingly insurmountable task.

     34 )         Consoling a Crying Man // What’s harder than consoling a crying woman? A crying full grown man. Logically it should be easier but no, but man up.

     33 )         Photography // You don’t need to be a professional or own a DSLR, but it is 2016 and photography is an almost necessary part of our lives. At least shoot well with your mobile.

     32 )         Flying an Aircraft // A rare and difficult skill to acquire but an amazing one at that. Any man can drive a car but few can pilot an airplane.

     31 )         Debt Management // Paying bills and maintaining financial balance is a life skill you shouldn’t solely rely someone else on, this is not only a manly skill to have but also a basic adult one.

FLYING AIRCRAFT: Skills to be a Masterful Man /// VINJABOND

     30 )         Drawing // You need not be artistic to draw. You don’t need to draw to make art. There are other benefits of knowing how to draw and sketch, such as displaying ideas and to communicate.

     29 )         Bartending // Got a bartending license? Cool… Don’t know how to serve friends from behind a bar just for fun? Not cool.

     28 )         Breaking up a Fight // Whether it’s your best buds locked in a fist fight or strangers in a street brawl gone too far, this is a skill for a real man.

     27 )         Finding North Without a Compass // Properly using a compass is a skill in itself but what if you don’t have one? A masterful man will know how to find North in other ways, now that’s a skill.

     26 )         Impromptu Shelter Building // No hotel, hostel or obvious shelter in sight but needed for survival? Building your own with just what’s in your immediate vicinity is an ancient but still useful skill.

FINDING NORTH WITH A WATCH: Skills to be a Masterful Man /// VINJABOND

     25 )         Fire Fighting // If you’re an actual fire fighter, that’s some next level manly shit. But for the rest of us, knowing how to properly and effectively put out a potentially hazardous fire on the fly is good enough.

     24 )         Being Cool // You don’t have to be the coolest guy in the room but you don’t want to be the least. But at the same time, don’t try too hard to be cool, that’s rule number 1 for being cool.

     23 )         Throwing Spirals // Anyone can throw a baseball but not everyone can throw a perfect spiral with a football. Just playing catch with your buddy or playing a team game, this is an invaluable athletic skill for the American man.

     22 )         Tackling // The tackle. While useful for certain activities like football or rugby, it’s also potentially an indispensable tactical maneuver.

     21 )         Deception // Don’t be a chronic liar or a devious deceiver. But the art of deception does have strategic benefits as a part of your life skills and urban survival.


     20 )         Facebooking // Just like living your real life in the physical world, it takes skill and practice to live in the not so real but digital world of social networks.

     19 )         Shirt Tucking // There is a right way and a wrong way of doing this. There is also the best way depending on the shirt, size, venue and body type… Learn this seemingly simple skill to dress to kill.

     18 )         Befriending Anyone // A man’s potential to connect with anyone is a skill many can hardly conceive but a necessity for the thriving worldly man.

     17 )         BBQing // An American favorite past time. You may not be good in the kitchen but the masterful man should be great on the grill.

     16 )         Forgiving // Sometimes the only thing harder to do than apologizing is forgiving. It takes wisdom and even skill for a man to forgive a great wrong doing. This acceptance makes a great man great.

BBQing: Skills to be a Masterful Man /// VINJABOND

     15 )         Self-Discipline // With this hard earned skill, your character as a man is greatly leveled. But perhaps one of the hardest to master of all others on this list.

     14 )         Being Drunk // Yes, it takes some skill to be drunk. At least in the sense of being a “good drunk”. You don’t want to be the loud, annoying or mean drunk.

     13 )         Dieting // You may be naturally fit or consciously healthy but it still takes effort to eat right and indulge in moderation.

     12 )         Debating // Strongly believe in something? Passionately disagree with someone? Instead of being argumentative, it’s better to be a logical and skilled debater.

     11 )         Sailing // There’s something spectacularly masculine about cruising the open ocean with just your skill and craft harnessing a force of nature to your whim.

SAILING: Skills to be a Masterful Man /// VINJABOND

     10 )         Martial Arts // At least a core foundation of one practice of combat. Other than self-defense applications, it promotes discipline and gives you more control over your body.

     9 )         Laundry // For such a basic and necessary skill, a surprising amount of men don’t know how to do this properly, don’t be one of them.

     8 )         Singing // You’re rather born with a “voice” or you’re not, and sometimes no amount of training can help. But you should still know how to get into it with confidence and spirit if the situation calls for it; karaoke with friends, drunk chanting with your boys, etc.

     7 )         Freediving // This is essentially scuba diving sans the heavy gear. Swimming is a great skill but being able to swim like a fish is even better.

     6 )         Writing // Story telling, love letter, business plan, blogging or just for texting. Being articulate in your written words can be just as important as your spoken.

FREEDIVING: Skills to be a Masterful Man /// VINJABOND

     5 )         Patience // “A man who is a master of patience is master of everything else.” -George Savile

     4 )         Coding // In this 21st century, digital coding is omnipresent. It’s wise to at least have a basic understanding of how it works as it’s everywhere.

     3 )         Tactical Driving // Hopefully a skill you’ll never have to use, but a skill you’d hope to have when you do need to use it, and you can’t exactly fake it.

     2 )         Self-Awareness // One should know thyself better than anyone else, but alas this is not always the case. With practiced self-awareness, you can master your own thoughts, feelings and behavior.

     1 )         Living // Everyone exists for a time but not everyone truly lives in their lifetime. Living a life worth imitating is a skill of life worth mastering.

100 Skills to be a Masterful Man /// VINJABOND 100+ Skills to be a Masterful Man

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