Curvature of The Earth From The Taipei 101 Tower // VAGABONDINGDigital nomads travel the world perpetually not as a holiday but as a lifestyle, afforded by a location independent profession.

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A nomad I will remain for life, in love with distant and uncharted places.


Not to be confused with expats, digital nomads have complete freedom to change locations at will but still maintain their job. Expats by definition is a foreigner, just like nomads but they are locked in a relatively confined location for a defined time.

Digital nomads choose to be ‘nomadic’, seeking adventure with an inherent love for wanderlust.

Expats travel to work,
digital nomads work to travel.

The original nomads have been around since the concept of hunting / gathering started thousands of years ago and still do to this day.

Now in this modern age we have the digital.

Ubiquitous, adaptable and universal. It makes untethered jobs possible and functional almost anywhere in the world at anytime. Which in turn making the “digital nomad” a reality.

Digital Nomad in a Bungalow, Nusa Lembongan Island - VAGABONDING

– Being a Digital Nomad in a Bungalow on Nusa Lembongan Island –

The tools of trade for digital nomads can be a camera, a laptop or merely an internet connection. It’s work like any other job, but can be accomplished anywhere.

Travel, work, explore, work, travel… Repeat.

That is the digital nomadic lifestyle.

Digital Nomad: A Vagabond’s Definition.

[The featured photo was taken while looking down from the top of the Taipei 101 Tower in Taiwan. Shot with a Hitcase Pro.]

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