Karambite Knife by VinjabondAs a vagabond I’m constantly facing new and exotic parts of the world, many with unpredictable potential dangers with varying knife laws. This self defense tool is the most ideal and effective for my world travel lifestyle.



The Karambite Knife /// Vinjabond The KARAMBITE

Designed by C Despins of the Max Venom Group, The KARAMBITE is the more compact, stealthier and concealable version of the traditional karambit – notice the “e”. Despite the miniature size, its as formidable and functional as its bigger brother with the added benefit for minimal and unhindered everyday carry (EDC).

This mean no excess bulk or weight of a full sized tool as well as making it legal to possess and carry in more countries around the world.

Karambit knives are specifically designed to be used in close quarters combat (CQC). So its a tool to end or deter a physical confrontation within a very short proximity range from the assailant.

- The Karambite Knife w/ Custom Handle -

– The Karambite Knife w/ Custom Handle –

- The Karambite Knife w/ Custom Sheath -

– The Karambite Knife w/ Custom Sheath –


The KARAMBITE excels in CQC as a last ditch knife for tactical personnel on the job or as the primary line of defense for civilians in foreign territory. Full sized traditional karambits tend to be difficult to use and even dangerous (to the wielder) in untrained hands due to the exotic and unique nature of these knives; curved blade, angular positioning and the finger loop.

The KARAMBITE however, has a very low learning curve as the elegant simplicity of its ergonomics truly feels like an extension of the hands – specifically, a human claw.

-Made in the USA
-Talon Blade
-S35VN Steel

-Length: 3.9375″
-Edge: 1.125″
-Weight: 1.1 oz

The workmanship and design of The KARAMBITE is of a significant professional level. The single piece of material used, S35VN steel, is for a lack of a better word, the BEST. A rare and expensive metal developed specifically for high-end edged tools. Beyond the function and utility of The KARAMBITE, its a remarkable product.

This karambit comes stock with a Kydex sheath meant to be attached on your person as a “neck knife”, ready to be deployed quickly when the need arises. While this works perfectly fine, I modified it to be an IWB (Inside Wast Band) sheath using Kevlar, velcro and a Tec clip. It attaches within whichever pants I’m wearing for fast deployment while being concealed and unobtrusive.

Another modification I added to The KARAMBITE is wrapping the handle with paracord and coating it with resin. Even without this customization, The KARAMBITE is an exceptionally ergonomic tool that fits and feels natural in the hands regardless of the grip.

Karambite Knife by Vinjabond

– The Karambite in Reverse Grip –

The Karambite Knife Alternative Grip

– The Karambite in Forward Grip –

There are bigger and more effective karambit knives available but The KARAMBITE exists for situations where those are not ideal or possible. In most cases, for simultaneous knife + firearm wielding, a last resort or backup knife. In my case, its the primary knife for traveling around the world while abiding to the respective laws.

– Buy The KARAMBITE for $98 USD

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  1. Riddick

    Im a big fan of karambits but often seem too large and cumbersome for concealed or comfortable travel carry but this cute little thing looks perfect.

    • JOHN V CAIN //

      They are the same knife but with completely different advantages and disadvantages. Titanium is much lighter and nonmagnetic but it it’s horrible at keeping an edge. The original Karambite which is made from S35VN is heavy but is regarded as one of the best possible steels available for knives… So take your pick.

  2. Jaymz

    Hi there, im really keen on the knucks money clip. Im residing in Singapore currently. Could I get a quotation of the price inclusive of international shipping to singapore? And could I make payment via paypal. Hope to hear from y’all soon. Much appreciated!

  3. Specialist Zero

    Just got my karambite and I like it. smaller than I expected but the way it works makes it quite effective.

  4. Andrew

    Hi.. I bought one..luv it..but isnt the blade edge a little too steep. .the chisel too fat.. making the point very nice n sharp but the Rest of the edge is quite dull..and Not good for cutting thro anything.. Do u think I should regrind the angle etc..or Would that Ruin the knife.. maybe the point is enuf, and the knife is more for little bites/pokes, then for actually cutting n slicing etc..
    What Do u think?

    • JOHN V CAIN //

      The Karambite is like you said, more for tearing and jabbing, not so much clean slicing. And trust me, a “bite” has more immediate stopping power than a clean cut against an assailant. So I’d keep it as is.

  5. Joe

    Can you post a tutorial on how to wrap this knife with paracord? I still can’t figure out how you did it. Thanks.


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