Vagabonding Daypack EDC Gear - VINJABONDI’m a homeless man with homes all around the world.

That’s essentially a vagabond.

“Home” is a relative term and in this case its where I happen to put my backpack down, rest and relax. Any place with walls, on wheels, in a tent, on rails or simply under a roof.

“I long, as does every human being, to be at home wherever I find myself.”

-Maya Angelou

So constantly traveling as a world citizen, home is wherever I happen to be for a while. Home is who I am sharing space or traveling with. Home is when I put my backpack down and unpack.

This is an always refreshing and ever-interesting way to live. In a sense, my backpack is my home so at anywhere or at anytime, I could be at home.

This is living out of a backpack.

Although I own a luxury apartment in a high-rise in Miami and still have an active lease on a loft in Midtown Manhattan, I prefer my current nomadic lifestyle that I’ve been living since August 2012

Constantly sleeping in a different bed; mostly in a hostel dorm, sometimes on a friend’s couch, if possible in an island bungalow, and at a hotel if there’s nothing else or for special occasions.

That. Is. The. Life.

Once you live such a mobile and minimalistic lifestyle, you realize how little you need to not just survive but also thrive with all your gear that fit in just a backpack.

Home is where your backpack makes it.

[The featured photo is my current EDC daypack gear.]


  1. aleks

    I’m pretty anal about details.

    In this article you have a loft in NYC and a high rise apartment in Miami.

    Last article it was exactly opposite. Loft in Miami and an apartment in NYC.

    Could mean nothing.

    Could mean something.

    Could mean everything.

    Interesting site.

    • JOHN V CAIN //

      I’m diggin how you’ve been following closely… Loft and apartment are the same thing, in this case anyways; mainly 1 large space with high ceilings, not structured like a typical residential space but almost entirely open space. Both my places are technically lofts but zoned for residential, hence, apartments.

      Hope that clears it up and keep on reading my friend!





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[ Founded by John V Cain. Vagabond, traveler, adventurer and former covert operator. ]
A lifestyle method of perpetually traveling around the world with no set time limit carrying minimal gear. A life of adventurism, nomadicsm, minimalism and hedonism...
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