Vagabonding Daypack EDC Gear - VINJABONDI’m a homeless man with homes all around the world.

That’s essentially a vagabond.

“Home” is a relative term and in this case its where I happen to put my backpack down, rest and relax. Any place with walls, on wheels, in a tent, on rails or simply under a roof.

“I long, as does every human being, to be at home wherever I find myself.”

-Maya Angelou

So constantly traveling as a world citizen, home is wherever I happen to be for a while. Home is who I am sharing space or traveling with. Home is when I put my backpack down and unpack.

This is an always refreshing and ever-interesting way to live. In a sense, my backpack is my home so at anywhere or at anytime, I could be at home.

This is living out of a backpack.

Although I own a luxury apartment in a high-rise in Miami and still have an active lease on a loft in Midtown Manhattan, I prefer my current nomadic lifestyle that I’ve been living since August 2012

Constantly sleeping in a different bed; mostly in a hostel dorm, sometimes on a friend’s couch, if possible in an island bungalow, and at a hotel if there’s nothing else or for special occasions.

That. Is. The. Life.

Once you live such a mobile and minimalistic lifestyle, you realize how little you need to not just survive but also thrive with all your gear that fit in just a backpack.

Home is where your backpack makes it.

[The featured photo is my current EDC daypack gear.]

@SIXVASERMy review of the modernistic 1 piece titanium Obstructures #EDC #tool...
@SIXVASERMy review of the modernistic 1 piece titanium Obstructures #EDC #tool...
@SIXVASERThe Food Experience of World Travel
@SIXVASERThe Food Experience of World Travel





 Just an ordinary #selfie on the edge of the world's highest swimming #pool on top of the world' most expensive building. The Marina Bay Sands #Hotel #SkyPark Infinity Pool in #Singapore. Shot with a @hitcase.  One of the most frequent questions I get is "what's that thing you're wearing around your neck?". I call it the #covert #EDC #necklace. It's 100% #titanium so it's easy for my endless #airport stops. The actual capsule is made by @ti2design and put together by yours truly.
 On the very top of #Busan #Mountain in #Korea. Boots by @511tactical and pants by @tripleaughtdesign. Shot with a @hitcase.  On top of #Sapaesan #Mountain is this #temple with a ridiculously intricate #roof. Somewhere outside of #Seoul, #Korea. Shot with a @hitcase.
 My contribution to #TantoTuesday is a 95% carbon fiber / 5% ceramic #stealth #knife by @vinjabond.  Raiding the #Royal Tombs of #Joseon somewhere outside of #Seoul in #Korea. There's a king buried in that hill, like a cheap man's Great #Pyramid of #Giza. Shot with a @hitcase.
 A behind the back 3rd person #selfie somewhere in the #Amazon #Jungle of (maybe) #Peru. Shot with a @hitcase rocking an @urban_tool pack.  This is the sportHolster by @urban_tool, the most #ergonomic and #minimal backpack ever created. You'll see this on me in most of my photos. It's the backpack you wear when you don't want to carry a #backpack. It fits over or under clothing and even an actual backpack on top. This is some ultra nimble #EDC gear. Other gear shown: @tripleaughtdesign Life Capsule Omega w/ a med kit and urban kit, @nomadgoods #NomadKeys, @coldsteelknives modded Micro Recon, @gerbergear Dime Tool, @obstructures Tool and #HumanGear Tubbs.


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