I’m a vagabond traveling the world indefinitely as a lifestyle and for all intents and purposes, am living out of my backpack. No gear is more vital.

[My review of the new model is now live…]

FAST Pack Litespeed Backpack by Triple Aught Design // $239

*FAST   Pack   Litespeed   Backpack



I have a loft in a residential skyscraper called Ten Museum Park in Miami. It gets that name because of the ultra-modern design making it look like a futuristic museum. Everything is white and shiny, everything. Half of the apartment is floor to ceiling windows and the remaining solid walls are covered showcased with backpacks, like a backpack museum.

Nearly 50 backpacks of every kind, most of them modified by my own hands. Just hanging there like relics and artifacts. Failures and past successes of backpacks I retired or never even used.

Not just any backpacks either…

Arc’teryx. Goruck. CamelBak. Black Yak. Geigerrig…

Hazard 4 Backpack - Vagabonding Travel Gear

Hazard 4 Backpack //

GORUCK Echo Backpack

GR Echo Backpack //

Arc'teryx Arro 22 Backpack - Vagabonding Travel Gear - VINJABOND

Arro 22 Backpack //

This was all in the pursuit of finding the world’s most perfect backpack for vagabonding.

Perfectly suited for urban EDC, day hiking, travel or any activity that requires free movement…

Triple Aught Design

I discovered this backpack just a month before I left to travel the world nearly 2 years ago. At a time when I had stopped searching and had settled on one.

As if all that time researching and experimenting with all those backpacks has led me to the FAST Pack Litespeed. Perhaps that obsession with backpacks turned to expertise and in turn, appreciation.

I am THE backpack connoisseur.

After almost 2 years of having my trusty FAST Pack Litespeed with me literally every single day across 20 countries and countless situations, I’ve realized it’s the most perfect backpack I have ever equipped.

-Material: Cordura® Fabric

-Weight: 56.00 oz

-Military Spec

-Dimensions: 12″ x 22″ x 5″

-Capacity: 21.30 LITERS

-Made in the USA

Like many of my other backpacks, I made many additions and modifications to the FAST Pack Litespeed :

FAST Pack Litespeed Backpack by Triple Aught Design // $239

– FAST Pack Litespeed Backpack by Triple Aught Design –

Urban Survival Wallet Kit /// ADSNS
Survival Kits /// ADSNS
Luxury EDC Kit /// ADSNS
CQC Defense EDC /// ADSNS

The FAST Pack Litespeed Backpack was designed and developed with tactical use in mind. This doesn’t limit its range to just military or combat, however. It broadens it to almost any possible function a #backpack could be used for because of its inherent tactical nature.

This includes my physically demanding and adventurous lifestyle of constant world travel.

The FAST Pack Litespeed.

Triple Aught Design is renowned for integrating high-end quality with fashionable style. A rarity in military / tactical specific apparel and gear companies.

In terms of extreme ruggedness and build quality, Goruck Rucksacks are on par. But Triple Aught Design exceeds them in design, versatility and innovation.

In terms of comfort and ergonomics, it fits like a true extension of the body similar to the sportHolster.

This is why the FAST Pack Litespeed is so effective for world travel, EDC (everyday carry) and tactical.

With my unrivaled knowledge and experience with backpacks, I state with confidence that the FAST Pack Litespeed is the pinnacle of personal carry gear.

– Buy the FAST Pack Litespeed / $239

*The photos on this FAST Pack Litespeed review are shown with many aftermarket modifications and additions not available through Triple Aught Design. I will post these in a later article.

[View the FAST Pack Litespeed Backpack image gallery.]

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  1. Landon Namexit

    I like most of TAD gear but a bit pricey, anyways, dying to know what mods you made to your Fastpack backpack. Do TELL!!!

    • JOHN V CAIN //

      Actually almost done, it’s gonna be titled something like: “6 Backpack Mods and Hacks”. But it will be solely based on the Fast Pack Litespeed. I just have to get back home to take the close up photos for that article. Soon brotha.

  2. Nothus

    Would love to see a review on the Solar Charges you use (I think I see two). Or at least give a shout out so we could research them in the mean time.

  3. conrad

    What is the overall load weight when you are fully loaded in this pack? Have you found that it starts to get uncomfortable past a certain load weight?

    • JOHN V CAIN //

      I’m not sure of the weight but I always leave at least 1/10th of free space. This keeps it comfortable and ergonomic. But I think the best thing you can do is compartmentalize everything so all contents are within another bag. This will reduce item shifting and bulging.


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